Malibu Condominium

6007 N. Sheridan Rd., Chicago, Illinois

About the Neighborhood

A home at the Malibu puts you in the heart of Edgewater Beach, a subdivision of Chicago’s vibrant, bustling Edgewater community.

Here, you can enjoy all the advantages of living on the water, yet be close to nearly everything you could want or need. For more information on Edgewater, its history, and its people, visit,_Chicago, or the Edgewater Historical Society ( For the practical details of living here, read on.


You’ll find branches of numerous banks near the Malibu, including one in the Captain’s Walk Mall. Click here for a list.

Churches, Synagogues, and Mosques:

Nearly every religious group has a place of worship in Edgewater or adjacent Rogers Park. Click here to choose your new congregation.


The Edgewater Beach area has the usual chains, plus an independent option. And some even deliver to the Malibu. Click here for a list.


You can eat very well without leaving the area immediately around the Malibu. Click here for a list of nearby restaurants.

Specialty Retail

From antiques to automobiles to art (and that’s just the As), you can find an amazing variety of goods near the Malibu. Click here for a selective list.

Supermarkets and Grocery Stores

Whatever your recipe calls for, chances are you can find it in Edgewater. Food stores abound here, from the major supermarket chains to mom-and-pop specialty stores. Click here for a selective list of what’s around.


A car is very helpful here, especially for getting groceries home, but many Malibu residents find they can do quite well without one. Public transit in Edgewater is excellent, with multiple bus lines on each of the major north-south streets (Sheridan Road, Broadway, Clark Street and Ashland Avenue). The Malibu itself is served by three bus lines at our door (147, 151, and 136), as well as the Red Line only two and one-half blocks away. Should you prefer a taxi, you’ll find they cruise the major north-south streets at all hours. At the Malibu, it’s unusual to wait more than five minutes for a cab.

For more information on public transit options, click here.